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Why Italian animation remains irrelevant on the world stage
lfoggini13 November 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Italian animation is in a sorry state, that is to say, despite "La Linea", "Allegro ma non troppo", the delightfully bizarre international production "Esplorando il corpo umano" there is nothing worth a damn watching. Alessandro Rak has some stuff but compared to L'Arte Della Felicità this really is awful. The animation is wonderfully done and the environments are beautiful but the film is ruined by an inane story, completely uninspired sci-fi elements, and way too many threads for its threadbare, painfully basic script to handle. SPOILERS but there is no semblance of a plot so don't worry, the film ends on the characters running away from an inexplicable explosion after the main antagonists have battled via song (which the only redeeming factor, the soundtrack is great) My grandfather was piedmonteis, hated Sci-fi and Animation and this is why, because in Italian films sci-fi is treated as set-dressing and not as its own genre with limitless possibilities. Not worth your time. Italy is not a country for making feature animation apparently, look elsewhere. A breezy hour and a half that will make you want your money back even if you haven't paid any.
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