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Nice fights
cambell-bennett8 February 2018
Modern punch 'em up movies often have terrible fight scenes, but this film's fight choreographer (apparently Tim Man) has clearly watched a bunch of classic Hong Kong fights. The punches look as hard and heavy as early Sammo Hung, the in-camera editing is as crisp as Yuen Woo-Ping's, and the overall stunt work is up there with Jackie Chan. This is high praise indeed, but as it turns out Tim Man has experience on Ong-Bak and the Mad Max reboot. There's no shaky-cam, the space for each fight is coherent and readable, overall it's a feast for action buffs. The plot was as good as one of those classic HK movies too: Revenge? Revenge! Kick punch.
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Scott Adkins- An Undisputed Fight King
alan_holloway_23 March 2018
Back in the early 1990s a bunch of UK comic creators decided to have a go at doing their own comic so they could control the content and keep the profits. The comic was called Toxic and it was a good idea handled badly. One of the undisputed highlights was Accident Man, created by writers Pat Mills and Tony Skinner in tandem (visually brought to life by Martin Edmund and later Duke Mighten), and it introduced us to Mike Fallon, an assassin whose hits were made to look like accidents, hence the name. Full of violence and black humour, it was a cracking read while it lasted and it was obvious to all it would make a great film. Thing is, no one made it...

Enter Scott Adkins. Adkins is a veteran Uk actor and action movie star. Not just a pretty face and a lethal right foot, he is a professional actor who is also a very good martial artist. Coinicidentally, he has been wanting to make an Accident Man movie since reading it as a kid. Not known for his screenwriting, this is his first attempt (with another newbie writer Stu Small), after putting up his own money to secure the rights. Basically, it's a total passion project for Adkins, and passion is very important when making a movie, right?

First up, I have to say that I loved Accident Man through and through. The plot is taken from the comic itself, although embellished for filmic purposes, as are several characters. For those who get annoyed with film adaptations messing with the source material this is a godsend - this would even bring a smile to Alan Moore's face (okay, that might be stretching it). Adkins himself is pretty spot on as Fallon, and would have been inspired casting even if he weren't otherwise involved. Elsewhere he ropes in stunt and fighting mates like Michael jai White, Ray Park and the impreesive Amy Johnston to bring some of Fallon's fellow hit persons to life. Also in the mix is Ray Stevenson as the owner of the assassins bar where they all congregate and get their jobs. (There's more to the character than this but I don't want to spoil anything). Throw in some recognisable, reliable British character actors and you have a surprisingly solid cast.

As far as action goes, it's all done brilliantly. All the players are experts at on screen (and off) butt kicking, so the level of expertise rivals some of Jackie Chan's movies. The direction eschews the usual Hollywood fast cutting for lengthier shots showcasing the moves involved and it makes quite a difference to the feel of the film. A nice touch is Fallon's voiceover that permeates the film, bringing some very nice humour to the proceedings and mirroring the narration in the comic exactly. The whole thing is very British, very violent and very amusing and very not safe for work.

If you enjoed Adkins in the Undisputed movies this is a must.

If you've not read the comic, it's well worth checking out. If you liked Deadpool you will love this as a more grass roots version (Adkins and Reynolds are quite similar looking, too). If you like guff like Rise Of The Foot Soldier and the like you'll love this for the cockney smack ups and superior plot/dialogue. If you just lik action movies with decent fights you'll love this. Most of all, if you ARE a fan of the comic you have no excuse, as this is one of the best comic to screen adaptaions yet. Set up nicely for a sequel, Accident Man doesn't slip up even once.
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Great comic book adaptation
jobenzie7 February 2018
Admittedly I am a fan of the original comic, so I am unashamedly biased. I found this film to be hugely enjoyable and kept to the darkly comic nature of the comic. The lead actor did a bang up job and the rest of the cast , especially Ray Stevenson, were spot on. The fight scenes and effects were great in my opinion, and this film cracked along without a dull moment. Highly recommended if you like a good revenge anti hero type movie with lots of violence.
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Brilliant British Indie Movie
scottadkins-783778 February 2018
I thought it was great. Scott Adkins at his best. Some of the best fight sequences you will no doubt see in 2018 but a really interesting story filled with larger than life characters straight out of a comic book. It's like Kill Bill mixed with Kingsman and John Wick but with a very British sensibility. Ray Stevenson is fantastic as Big Ray and you will be hoping for a Mick & Mac (Jai White/Park) prequel. Loads of fun, great action and something a bit different for Adkins fans.
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Direct to video Jason Statham-esque John Wick rip off.....
mashkej14 February 2018
This is a fun flick and I think a solid rental suggestion for action fans.

If you know Scott Adkins, you're already on board.

Ive read alot of comparison reviews for this movie but few have called out that it is very very very VERY much a retelling of a John Wick movie. Staying spoiler free: the movie centers around a group of unique hit men and women that hang out at a safe location and live by a set of rules. When things go south for one of the hitmens loved ones, he finds himself pitted against his hit men/women. Sound familiar? Yup. Did i mention the hitmans name is Baba Yaga? kidding about that.

So...getting past the movies "inspiration" it any good?

For me...mostly yes. Adkins stoic-ness, delivery and accent do come across very Jason Statham like. His fighting skills and the overall fight choreography provides some decent fight scenes. They dont measure up against the creme de la creme of action scenes (ie: The Raid) but they are solid.

The premise is great to have a rag tag band of characters and the movie delivers there...each hit person being an extreme archetype. The flick gets extra credit for its inclusion of the great Michael Jai White.

I would probably rate the movie as a B- direct-to-video flick. Theres a pretty nifty character back story within that may bump my rating up to a B. Overall its a fun, breezy, straight forward action/revenge flick. I would definitely be onboard for a sequel.
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Super Violent & Plot is Ridiculous But I Have Seen Worse Films
larrys37 February 2018
Based on the comic character created by Pat Mills, this British flick stars Scott Adkins as the hitman Mike Fallon, AKA the Accident Man for the way he carries out his hits. As you might expect, there's loads of bloody violence here as well as frequent martial arts sequences, as Fallon and his fellow assassins from the underground club The Oasis carry out their assignments.

However, when a hit is put out on Fallon's pregnant former girlfriend, all hell will break loose and things will really go "off the rails" There is quite a bit of deadpan humor in the film, amidst all the carnage and some of it can be efffecitve.

Overall, I would say the plot here is ridiculous, but if you don't mind all the violence the movie did for the most part keep my interest, and I have seen worse.
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Doesn't take itself too seriously
CountJonnie19 April 2018
Warning: Spoilers
This is a pretty bad movie about Adkins being a top assassin and even assassins have rules. But after Adkins is betrayed, he decides to break the rules and face all his (former) colleagues.

The Bad: The movie itself is pretty bad, with a story that is too thin to be noticed and the holes are filled with cliches which you've seen in all other action movies. This however doesn't kill the movie, as long as you don't take it too seriously.

The mediocre: Surprisingly the fights. Adkins shows some kicks but very few acrobatics for his doing. The problem with the fights is that they're too well choreographed and it feels more like dancing, than rough fighting. And with so much talent in one fight (MJ White, Adkins, Ray Park) I expected to be more impressed, but the action was never above average.

The good (there is no good, just the ok.) The ok part is that the actors seem to have fun. Ray Stevenson, Adkins, Ray Park and some others seemed to enjoy their parts with slight overacting, which suits this comic-book styled movie. Good for Adkins that this movie felt different, after a while of making the same movie over and over. Unless you disagree here and feel like the Undisputed, Ninja, Close Range and other movies felt like completely different and unique movies. But for me the biggest plus is that this had elements of comedy and Adkins did fine here. That doesn't mean the acting is good, but it was absolutely slightly better than before.
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Bish Bash Bosh
saj-432219 February 2018
Poor man's lock stock. Packet of peanuts,, a few jars n curry and saturday nights all right for fighting. It's that type of movie regardless how they try and dress it up .
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Post Murder Tension
nogodnomasters8 February 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Mike Fallon (Scott Adkins) is a paid assassin who specializes in making killings look like accidents. He is part of a group of assassins who all have their own way of killing people. The film also has a flashback that shows Mike's training by Big Ray (Ray Stevenson). When a killing hits close to home for Mike, he breaks two cardinal rules by getting angry and involved.

This has all the bells and whistles of a good action film including the expected fight between Scott Adkins and Michael Jai White. The film used 10 body double stunt people for people who typically do stunts, go figure. The ending allows for a sequel and had a little joke with with Adkins Bandages. Good characters and dialogue.

Guide: F-word. Brief sex and nudity (Brooke Johnston)
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Adkins needs to star in better movies..
BatmanFunReviews20185 February 2018
Mike Fallon, the Accident Man, is a stone cold killer whose methodical hits baffle the police and delight his clients. He is the best at what he does. But when a loved one is dragged into the London underworld and murdered by his own crew, Fallon is forced to rip apart the life he knew in order to hold those accountable and avenge the one person who actually meant something to him. Accident Man has Scott Adkins in great shape kicking people left and right but that isn't enough when it's script is terrible and the pacing drags like hell plus it tries to become more of a comic book movie than it's own thing and that's where it fails to deliver. Overall even the most hardcore fans of the main lead will be disappointed and honestly? go and check a better film with him like Undisputed II,III and IV or The Expendables 2. (0/10)
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Not A Team Player
kirbylee70-599-52617914 February 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Back in the 80s and 90s mainstream martial arts action flicks were a staple that filled the box office screens with the high flying kicks of folks like Jean Claude Van Damme and Steven Seagal. The vacancy left behind with the death of Bruce Lee was soon filled with these stars and a few tried to follow, not too successfully, in their path. Then these movies lost favor with audiences, in large parts to the lead actors thinking they knew what was best rather than allowing more creative writers to pen their projects.

Now that we're 20-30 years past those days there are a few action heroes trying to bring the genre back to life. Among them is Scott Adkins. With supporting roles in films like THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM and THE EXPENDABLES 2 and having starred alongside the aforementioned Van Damme in ASSASSINATION GAMES and UNIVERSAL SOLDIER: DAY OF RECKONING, Adkins has made a name for himself as the heir apparent to the genre. But others have come and failed in the past. Can he achieve the success they missed? With ACCIDENT MAN it appears that there is a distinct possibility.

Adkins stars as Mike Fallon, one of a team of professional assassins for hire that work out of a bar owned by ex-killer Big Ray (Ray Stevenson). Each has their own particular style and abilities with Fallon's being able to make a murder seem like an accident. When the film opens he's killed one man making it look like suicide. He visits a nearby pub to work off the adrenaline by duking it out with a few unsavory types and then heads to Big Ray's bar.

At the bar we find Milton (David Paymer) in charge of making the arrangements for each kill. Fallon is given two assignments, the second of which he finds himself a potential target. Then word reaches him that his ex-girlfriend Beth has been killed during a random break in. In addition to that he also learns she was pregnant with his child. Visiting the crime scene, accessing the police department's files on the case he can tell this was not the work of two crackheads. In fact he recognizes it as the work of two fellow team mates.

This sets in motion a series of events that find Fallon facing off against his team mates as he tries to uncover the person responsible for placing the contract on his ex. Each step of the way he gains more information but with each new clue the potential for one of those members to show increases. Now he not only has to find who is responsible but face those members as well, discovering who is best in the process.

Adkins has that potential to be a bigger star than he is already. With gruff good looks and tremendous ability in martial arts skills women will fall in love and men will enjoy the action sequences. In addition to that his acting skills rate higher than most as well.

The rest of the cast is equally adept at the fight sequences with some of the best names in the business. One pair, Mike and Mack, are played by Michael Jai White (SPAWN, BLACK DYNAMITE) and Ray Park (Darth Maul from STAR WARS: THE PHANTOM MENACE), get into an amazing fight scene with Adkins that has him battling both men at the same time. It's an extremely well-choreographed scene that moves the story forward without any of the three losing their life. Actress and stunt woman Amy Johnston also has an amazing fight sequence with Adkins that is amazing.

One nice thing about the movie is that it never takes itself too seriously. What could have been bogged down as a man looking for revenge focusing more on the plot line as to why it happened instead plays out in comic book format here with over the top bad guys and assassins, never going deep into the motives for what happens as much as just using that to move the story forward and providing sensible reasons why the fight scenes take place. In other words rather than try to be high-brow it instead becomes a fun and darkly humorous story with plenty of action taking place.

The odds that this film ever played in a theater nearby are slim but it is readily available to buy or rent and for those who enjoy this sort of film you won't be disappointed. If cursing, high body counts, gruesome gore and all around mayhem aren't your thing you might want to miss it. If it is your thing then by all means look for this one and have a fun filled night.
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Accidental action flick.....
s32761699 February 2018
Accident Man is aptly titled. Mediocre scripting and narrative, tired cliches and more add up to a bargain basement "Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels" knock off.

The action sequences are well done with decent martial arts fight scenes that are enjoyable for the most part. That said, why not be original rather than aping a superior film?

A mixed cast with some real acting talent do help to lift this flick but really its not enough to make it shine.

An OK watch if you like martial arts films. Five out of ten from me.
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The trailer tells a different story! its an accident LOL
badroniaimi-351-9226117 February 2018
SPOILER: After watching the trailer I thought that the movie will be about Scott Adkins as Mike Fallon trying to find out who did kill the love of his life, but nop, He will find out in a few minutes because every killer has his own style so finding out the killer was the easy part, the rest of the movie is about finding the client. Let think for a while the love of his life as he said, is a lesbian & she left him for a girl. the only reason why he will chase the murder is her pregnancy,Also he is the accident man but he didn't even bother himself to make the killing that he did in the process to find out the client looks like an accident.
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lkakoullis28 April 2018
I am an Aussie and don't mind films from Old Blighty however this was mediocre at best. It was Bollocks which is bad and not "The Dogs Bollocks" which is good.

The narrator at the start went on for too long setting the scene for something the did not quite happen. The Accident Man who made a living making it look like an accident and had "Transporter" type rules, really did not do it much in the end. He just beat the crap out everyone that pissed him off. Rules, hey what rules. One of the rules was not to beat up a certain guy he worked with and that was broken too!

Scott Adkins is indeed a brilliant fighter and his kicks were technical and brutal so enjoyable to watch. Some opponents such as Jane The Ripper had no such skills, with sloppy kicks that looked more like dance moves which reminded me of Sharon Stone fighting with Arnold Schwarzenegger in total recall.

I give it a 4 because its good mindless fun with action a plenty, lots of action movie cliches like a pretty girl with a Katana, but cant give it much higher because the plot and the protagonists motivation was too far fetched.
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VIEWS ON FILM review of Accident Man
burlesonjesse513 February 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Fixedly hollow yet effervescent in its hand-to-hand combat, 2018's Accident Man is my latest review. The Accident Man persona is played by Scott Adkins. Adkins, who's in nearly every frame, commands with an ample screen presence. He's pretty hands-on in the exhaustively stingy action sequences.

So OK, "Accident" is overly violent, overly twisted, overly demented, and has a direct-to-video title. Still, it distracts the viewer by being a tad tongue-in-cheek and containing some ruffian dialogue. Plus, it has an intricate story to tell. I might be going against my better judgment but I'm gonna surrender and recommend this thing anyway.

Accident Man has director Jesse V. Johnson shooting the film with mucked up freeze-frames. He's like an unbalanced Quentin Tarantino or Guy Ritchie on steroids. As "Accident's" poster looking like Thor: Ragnarok resonates, bones are cracked, tons of people are killed, and slow-motion, martial artistry is a mainstay.

A predominance of "Accident" is about the hitman being the inevitable hit. You've seen this before in other flicks. Johnson gives the British proceedings a mean-spirited, cynical feel. It may be off-putting at times but heck, it just works.

Accident Man's story involves one Mike Fallon (Adkins). He was bullied as a kid before he toughened up, mentored an older contract killer, and became a contract killer himself. Mike's method of offing someone involves making it look like an accident (hence the name of the movie).

When Fallon's pregnant ex-girlfriend gets murdered by someone in his own, hitmen-circled crew, he turns detective and eventually seeks vengeance. Adkins looks like Maroon 5's Adam Levine but don't worry. Looks can be deceiving. Scott is a confident badass, delivering his lines with consummate vigor while he barrels through "Accident" as if he were the only Caucasian in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

All in all, Accident Man is a glistening, draining thriller that may upset you. It has shots of head dismemberment, clips of double-crossing, a soundtrack mixed with RocknRolla ditties and synthesizer marks, and an off-the-grid likeness channeling Kill Bill. Yeah it's no "accident" that I kinda dug its hardcore groove. Rating: 3 stars.
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If you like "beat em up's" with little story this one is for you
mayaamardaniah7 June 2018
Choreography and action were good to waste 1 hr 45. Alas the acting was plastic poor, yet suited the tongue in cheek script and screen play. Mike Fallon should get a better agent who gives him quality material
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Not a bad effort.
Semsung22 March 2018
Accident Man

I have been surreptitiously following Scott Adkins career for a few years with films such as Ninja, Shadow of a Tear; Close Range, Savage Dog and Boyka; watching him slowly make his ascent into blockbuster movies like Dr Strange.

Accident Man is a same, same but different kind of film for Scott which although, like many of his movies, follows the tried and tested storyline of revenge for a loved one; is filmed in London with a selection of accomplished and not too well known American, Irish and Scottish actors parading as cockney Brits. I wouldn't go so far as to say it is a love child of Quentin Tarrantino and Guy Richie, but there are elements of the two as well as a good dose of John Wick storyline and action.

It's not a bad movie, the action is good and the storyline keeps you entertained. Jesse V. Johnson shows some potential in the direction; the acting is okay with good efforts from Ray Stevenson, Ashley Greene and David Paymer; an okay script and a raw edge with a respectable musical score. However, the film lacks depth and intrigue. Fight choreography is decent and the dry humour keeps the movie from taking itself too seriously. I would say that this is definitely a step in the right direction for Scott; I could and would like to see him in Bondesque roles. I feel he is still to have his major breakthrough part but all in all I would give this a score of 6/10.
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Loved it!
clarerichardson3334 May 2018
Great storyline! Gripping, funny, sentimental & some brilliant lines! Loved it!
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Mixed Wtih John Wick, Mechanic, Snatch or Lock Stock Two Smoking Barrels
nikola1724 February 2018
It's Really Fun Great Action Movie Very Fun Great Cast I Loved Characters. this had a lot of fun action gore in it. it's nothing like Kingsman this is more of elite Assassins. Accident Man is not very common comic book movie not very common like any another comic book movies. this is isn't Marvel or DC Comics nothing like that. I Thought Scott Adkins was great in movie he can act well in movie so as Michael Jai White is back in Scott Adkins Undisputed II Last Man Standing. also they played movie together in Triple Threat. Amy Johnston was really good in movie she is a actress and stunt woman really great for a action movie she was great in Lady blood fight and female fight club. yes people Scott Adkins is kinda Jason Statham ESQUE John Wick Mixed With Mechanic. Like Mechanic Is a Stone cold killer Hitman kills people make's things look like a Accident samething with this movie. Accident Man makes things look like Accidents as him killing people. samething but different style of movie, different character. Action scenes was soo good i love Action Scenes i love it a lot of fun Scott Adkins Fighting scene with Michael Jai White A LOT OF FUN, so as well Amy Johnston play's very good female villain kinda like Ms. Perkins (Adrianne Palicki) in John Wick but a lot Deadly then her Character I Wish Writers from John Wick (2014) or someone makes Ms. Perkins villain like Jane The Ripper in this movie Amy Johnston Character. story follows Mike Fallon (Scott Adkins) known for Undisputed II, Undisputed III, Boyka Undisputed, Close Range, Savage Dog. the Accident Man, is a stone cold killer whose methodical hits baffle the police and delight his clients. He is the best at what he does. he kills people buy making them looking like a Accident just like with Mechanic Jason Statham's Character but this like it but a lot different believe me. you have another great characters in movie Mick (Michael Jai White) is a soldier who fighted War In Afghanistan. his character is a Hitman as well he did great in movie specially he does a lot of fight scenes a lot of fun very well shot.

(Ray Park) known for Darth Maul In Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace, Toad X-MEN (2000), Snake Eyes GI Joe, GI Joe Relation was in this movie. his character play's Partner to Mac he was soldier partner with Mac in team then he became a hitman as well. he did good in movie. Big Ray (Ray Stevenson) known for Punisher War Zone, his character is like Character Winston In John Wick they don't have BEST Chemistry in movie like that but he trained Mike how fight, To Make things look like accident his character is not much to say. but Another Character i really liked was Jane The Ripper (Amy Johnston) Lady Bloodfight, Female Fight Club. Character is really deadly in movie she is a killer just like Ms Perkins but a lot deadly. she left her parents when she was 16 then she went to japan to train martial arts and her Katana Swords skills killed her trainer becomes killer. she becomes a prostitute and owned a lot of guys with her sword. she is not girl you want to mess with.

Mike EX Girlfriend dragged into the London underworld and murdered. it's on going revenge film like when i say it's mixed Mechanic is because he makes things look like a Accident. Just Like with Mechanic then goes with different direction of Mike is going for Revenge for his EX Girlfriend dies then switch's it like it's John Wick, With Snatch or Lock Stock Two Smoking Barrels is because it's British Film in Bar drinking just like with Snatch and Lock Stock same film. but believe this is a lot worth it to see this movie a lot fun a lot fun it's worth watching. a lot of, a lot of ACTION, ACTION, ACTION scene kinda rip off scene from 4th Universal Soldier Day of Reckoning when Scott Adkins character is in Apartment crazy big guy with AXE is going insane swinging AXE around and woman in Apartment is hiding while Scott Adkins fighting with Villain just like 4th Universal Soldier Day of Reckoning but it's not rip off. Then Story towards in middle kinda toke idea of John Wick Chapter 2 when All Assassins has Contract to kill John Wick all Assassins going after him kinda like that but different style of movie nothing like it or rip off don't think of that at all. in movie it's enjoyable but this was not my favorite Scott Adkins Movie in list but i like this movie it's very enjoyable to watch. at end of day it's feels like watching it again i have rent it at Library looking forward to buy it on BLU RAY. it's a lot fun, Scott Adkins, Michael Jai White, Amy Johnston does their stunts on their own and their's NO STUNT DOUBLES IN THIS MOVIE they fight in their own you see NO STUNT DOUBLES IN MOVIE. the fight scenes and punch's in movie looked HARD HEAVY kicks lot of it. it's really worth of watch this movie. 8.10 Scott Adkins really did movie of his own role not direct to DVD budget sequels like 4th Universal Soldier Day of Reckoning, Hard Target 2, Jarhead 3 Under Siege witch i thought that was piece of crap, Green Street Hooligans 3, so as Undisputed movies witch was GREAT FRANCHISE PICK UP SEQUELS witch it got more Popular. this really highly Recommended for Scott Adkins Fans, highly Recommended for Action Fans.
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classico_7916 February 2018
This movie have everything: action,comedy,drama and the English black-humor that i like..awnsome film.. expect part 2
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Not good in any department.
alec-macarthur12 February 2018
Watching this movie is like not an enjoyable experience.

The script lurches from one clunky attempt at humour to the next, at every point leaving the viewer hoping that it has at last reached the bottom and will start to get better....but it never does.

One line also perfectly describes the issue with this work, when our hero describes why his girlfriend is so appealing to him; "She's 26 with the body of an 18 year old and the mind of a 12 year old"...yeah classy huh?

Rated for 17 year old's in the US and 15 in the UK, it's script could only possibly appeal to a 12 year old viewer.
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Pretty good action film
jgreen-8155829 September 2018
Warning: Spoilers
It was a pretty decent action film but the only couple of flaws it had from me was that we found out who killed his girlfriend real early. Instead of the usual "work your way from the top to the bottom type of investigation" it was reverse (which was ok but it wasnt as exciting). The charlie character was also a big turnoff for me because she literally was mad at the guy for being a narcissist and wasnt caring enough towards beth even though she was a homewrecker and was selfish enough to say that she was gonna raise his unborn child with beth because of his selfishness. She could have gotten knocked off in the movie and i would probably would have applauded the writers for doing it.

People in the other reviews say it was violent even though i seen more gorier stuff in other movies. Fight scenes were good and even though the story wasnt strong like scott, it still kept me in interested.
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Solid Fun, Dont go by Average Reviews
catchrushaalm23 September 2018
Solid B movie. Which is better than many A rated movies. A black comedy action movie. There is lot of heart in the movie, you can see every dollar is well spent.

Not big budget but few good action scenes. Adkins has great screen presence, reminds of JCVD. Both Scott and Micheal Jai white deserve so much more, they are fantastic Martial Artiest and good actors. For a small budget movie, it is quite good.

Give this a shot without much of a expectation and you will not be disappointed.
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Best action
saptesh78626 August 2018
The best action movie I saw ever. Scott is perfect macho man. The story is gripping from very first scene till the end. Leading actress is looking beautiful. Swordswoman fight is a highlight of the movie. I so like movie to see thrice initially and became favorite. Recommend for every action lover else he would miss best show of action and thrill. More that I am expecting sequel. Notice director & producer.
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Just look up "Defenestration" with Google and yes,it a real word
phanthinga25 August 2018
Accident Man is much more than just a normal action movie starring Scott Adkins when this is Scott dream project since forever and the passion he brings into the movie both as the main character and part of the screenwriter shine real bright through this movie.Narrated by Scott Adkins himself Accident Man is a story about Mike Fallon a professional assassin who method is to make the whole thing look like an accident and he is killing it in the game.Long story short one day an idiot think he will be the funniest guy in the room by ordering one of Mike colleagues to get rid of his ex-girlfriend so non-stop punching,kicking and slashing come along like a package deal.I've had a great time with Accident Man and looking back at the not-so great but okay Savage Dog by director Jesse V. Johnson I think he has come a long way to be direct a movie this good so I expect the same thing with his Triple Threat in the future
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